Three Key Stretches For Relieving Lower Back Pain: Mini Course

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This mini course demonstrates three key but often overlooked stretches that can be crucial for relieving lower back pain. It also introduces the gentle but profoundly effective method of Active Isolated Stretching. FREE for subscribers.

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5 Lessons

Three Key Stretches for Relieving Lower Back Pain

Over the years I have found that there are a handful of muscle groups that are extremely common culprits in either contributing to, or being the main cause of, lower back pain. This course addresses these often overlooked muscles.

Lesson 1 – Rethinking Our Approach to Lower Back Pain (video & text)

Advances in medicine have provided us with vast benefits none of us would want to live without, but chronic pain of a musculoskeletal origin remains poorly understood, and even more poorly treated. What's needed is a better approach.

Lesson 2 – Inner Thigh Adductors Stretch (video & text)

One of the most overlooked areas of tightness related to lower back pain is the inner thigh region of the upper leg, the adductor muscle group.

Lesson 3 – Gluteals Stretch (video & text)

When clients present with lower back pain I frequently find that one or both of their gluteal muscle groups are tight and constricted.

Lesson 4 – Hamstrings and Latissimus Stretch (video & text)

This stretch has three parts and works well because it simultaneously addresses the muscles "above and below" the lower back, both of which can exert a powerful influence on how the lower back feels.

Lesson 5 – The Relieving Power of Global Flexibility (video & text)

Identifying and improving global flexibility has the potential to resolve many, many persistent aches and pains and mysterious symptoms.