The Blueprint Series is a progression of 3 self-paced online courses:

Course 1 - Stretching Blueprint

Course 2 - Postural Blueprint

Course 3 - Toning Blueprint

These courses are designed to identify and relieve the root causes of unexplained pain.

The Blueprint Series represents a synthesis of my work over 30 years in private practice, and offers my most comprehensive guidance for lasting pain relief to date.

Blueprint Series for Lasting Pain Relief


Stretching Blueprint For Pain Relief

and Better Flexibility

The Complete Guide to Pain-Free Muscles Using Active Isolated Stretching

Now Available


Those with aches and pains and inflexibility that have not responded in a lasting way to other strategies, stretching methods or therapies.

• Those who have found themselves on a treadmill of re-aggravation.

• Those who feel overwhelmed by the barrage of choices on YouTube and would like sound and thorough guidance. 

The Stretching Blueprint for Pain Relief and Better Flexibility: The Complete Guide to Active Isolated Stretching is the flagship and foundational stretching course from Relieving That Pain Online Courses.

Using the highly effective method of Active Isolated Stretching in combination with the innovative Flexibility Diagnostic, this course guides you in the creation of a highly personalized stretching plan -- Your Stretching Blueprint -- that targets your specific needs and your individual aches and pains.

And for some individuals the protocols of the Stretching Blueprint will also alleviate postural distortion patterns like pelvic torsion and hyperflexion (forward head posture).

Because distortion patterns are the result of excessive tightness in certain muscles and fascia, and because the flexibility scoring system of the Stretching Blueprint clearly identifies and effectively resolves inflexibility, this course can resolve some instances of these distortion patterns.

For a high percentage of individuals, building a Stretching Blueprint and following their personalized plan will be all that's required in order to see improvement for a wide range of stubborn and mysterious problems.


Postural Blueprint For Correcting Pelvic Torsion

The Complete Guide To Restoring Pelvic Balance

Now Available



• Any individual suffering from the pain and symptoms of pelvic torsion who has not found relief with other strategies.

• Those using the Stretching Blueprint for individual distortion patterns but whose pelvis will not stay corrected.

For many, the first course in the series, the Stretching Blueprint, will be sufficient to address a wide range of aches and pains and problems, including some cases of postural distortion.

But for those with very entrenched distortion patterns, the Postural Blueprint will offer detailed guidance.

The Postural Blueprint for Correcting Pelvic Torsion -- guides individuals in resolving the distortion pattern known as pelvic torsion or a twisted pelvis.

This pattern can result in "unexplained" pain and bewildering symptoms that elude a standard medical diagnosis. The Postural Blueprint provides clear guidance for restoring pelvic balance and relieving the pain and symptoms caused by pelvic torsion.


Toning Blueprint For Restoring Reciprocal Muscular Balance

A Step By Step Guide for Lasting Stability,

Strength and Flexibility

2023 Release


Those who want to:

• Reduce the amount of daily stretching needed

• Build muscular tone and strength without strain

• Ensure the most lasting results from stretching

• Take their self-care to the next level

The 3rd course in the Blueprint Series -- Toning Blueprint For Restoring Reciprocal Muscular Balance -- is designed to round out a robust and highly individualized plan of self-care.

By toning and strengthening the antagonists of very tight muscles, muscles that seems to require constant stretching, we reduce the capacity of these muscles to tighten back up again. This is what is meant by the phrase, restoring reciprocal muscular balance.

The Toning Blueprint utilizes a variety of toning and strengthening methods -- including free weights, resistance bands and yoga -- to restore the reciprocal muscular balance so often lost when chronic muscular tightness and distortion patterns have persisted.

The Toning Blueprint takes our self-care to the next level and ensures the most lasting, long-term results.

This course is scheduled for release in 2023.

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The Pain Relieving Power of Active Isolated Stretching

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Postural Blueprint For Correcting Pelvic Torsion

The Complete Guide to Restoring Pelvic Balance