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Rescue Your Body From the Misery of Pelvic Torsion

Learn the essential building blocks for correcting pelvic torsion and rid yourself of a problem that can be the source of a wide range of unexplained pain and mysterious symptoms.

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Postural Blueprint For Correcting Pelvic Torsion

The Complete Guide To Restoring Pelvic Balance

I want to thank you for creating the pelvic torsion program. It has changed my life... I have been faithfully doing your program and I feel relief for the first time... Thank you for giving me my life back! 

Sherry I.

Washington, USA

If you experience persistent bodily pain for which the diagnosis has been vague or inconclusive...

…you may be suffering from a condition known as pelvic torsion.

This widespread but poorly understood problem can be responsible for a wide range of bewildering symptoms and persistent pain that don’t seem to respond to treatment.


Because pelvic torsion...

1) Causes a functional leg-length discrepancy that throws the body off its center line of balance...

2) This triggers a chain reaction of muscular compensation that can’t be diagnosed by looking at isolated parts of the body only.

Muscles forced to compensate in this way are literally in a struggle against gravity.

This struggle leads to strain and dysfunction that can produce pain virtually anywhere in the body.

If you've ever felt like your body was under constant strain no matter what you do, no matter how much you twist and turn, or stretch and exercise, then pelvic torsion may be the root cause.

If exercising that once felt beneficial and enlivening now mostly feels aggravating, it may be because your body can't get out of the torsion that has you in its grip.

Over time, limited mobility and reduced physical activity can progress to the point where one feels imprisoned in one’s own body.

This is the situation so many of my clients have faced and this is why I have focused so much on strategies to correct pelvic torsion.

Pelvic torsion is what I call a “root” or “anchor” problem that can cause a barrage of downstream symptoms.

If the root problem is not resolved, then treatment for individual symptoms has virtually no chance of providing meaningful or lasting relief.

Over a period of three decades of helping my clients lift the pain and mysterious repercussions of pelvic torsion, I have developed a comprehensive and highly effective system for resolving this problem.

This system — based on six essential building blocks specifically designed to correct pelvic torsion is a lasting way — is now available to the general public for the first time…

Postural Blueprint For Correcting Pelvic Torsion

The Complete Guide To Restoring Pelvic Balance

The Postural Blueprint for Correcting Pelvic Torsion is a complete guide to understanding and correcting the widespread but not well-understood problem of pelvic torsion, also known as a twisted pelvis.
This self-paced online course employs six distinct exercise groups, each of which plays a crucial role in restoring pelvic balance and re-establishing postural alignment.
This is how the pernicious pain and symptoms of pelvic torsion are resolved in a lasting way. There is no other course of this kind available anywhere.

I started the Postural Blueprint course 10 days ago. Comparing pictures of my ASIS from start date to today, my hips are back in alignment. Amazing!!


Minneapolis, MN USA

When you enroll you get full lifetime access to the course material, available 365/24/7

The course has three major sections:

➣ The Foundation

➣ Exercise Learning

➣ Application

In this module we lay the foundation for the entire course explaining exactly what this problem is, how it arises and how to identify it in one’s own body with self-testing.
Here we’ll also cover such topics as locked short and long muscles, the dominance of the RALF Pattern (Right Anterior, Left Fixed) and why it matters in correcting this problem long-term.
MODULES 2 THROUGH 7 - exercise learning
Each module is devoted to an exercise group that's essential for correcting pelvic torsion.
Module 2 - Somatic Movement
Module 3 - Pelvic Counter Rotation
Module 4 - Key Stretches Using Active Isolated Stretching
Module 5 - Improving Squatting Competence
Module 6 - Core Toning & Strengthening
Module 7 - Back Line Toning & Strengthening

MODULE 8 - application of routines & 30-day schedule
In this module all the exercises in the course are assembled as streamlined routines. No need to scroll back through the course to locate the exercise you need.
The 30-day schedule tells you exactly what routines to do each day and follows a sequence to maximize effectiveness and minimize strain.
To accommodate a wide range of circumstances, each individual will insert rest and recovery days as frequently as needed. This enables each person to progress at their own pace.

About the Instructor

Drawing on 30 years of clinical practice helping thousands of individuals gain relief for chronic pain, Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT, has developed a complete methodology for identifying and resolving mysterious and stubborn pain symptoms.
Relieving That Pain Online Courses is a learning platform dedicated to detailed instruction and actionable tools of self-care for individuals seeking help with pain for which the diagnosis has been vague or inconclusive.

Stephen O’Dwyer knows more about this material than anybody I’ve ever encountered in a long life of serious exercise!


Shelburne, VT, USA

Course Modules

Postural Blueprint for Correcting Pelvic Torsion

The crucial role of each module


Module 1: Foundation for Correcting Pelvic Torsion

In this module you will gain a depth of understanding about pelvic torsion you’ve never had before. Why is that important? Because clearly understanding this problem is crucial for the exercises to have their greatest impact. When my clients have a clear understanding of this problem, they don’t perform the exercises mechanically but rather with better body awareness and a clearer sense of how each exercise contributes to resolving the problem long-term.


Module 2: Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement lays the foundation for lasting change in correcting pelvic torsion. The power of Somatic Movement lies in its ability to “wake up” the nervous system and mobilize the deep, intrinsic muscles so often bypassed by other types of movement and exercise. In this module we will learn exercises that take the pelvis through four distinct planes of movement. This frees up the deepest adapted patterning paving the way for all the other corrective exercises.


Module 3: Pelvic Counter-Rotation

The Pelvic Counter Rotation exercise is analogous to having the pelvis manually coaxed back into proper alignment by a health practitioner. Performed in isolation, this maneuver rarely has a lasting effective. But when done in combination with the right kind of stretching and strengthening, such as is taught in this course, the pelvic counter rotation speeds up the progress of correcting pelvic torsion and bringing relief.


Module 4: Key Stretches Using Active Isolated Stretching

Here we use the powerful stretching method, Active Isolated Stretching, to target key muscle groups responsible for perpetuating pelvic torsion. By lengthening key locked short muscles without causing strain we're able to release the anchors that fix pelvic torsion in place and restore pelvic balance.


Module 5: Improving Squatting Competence

The absence of regular squatting in the industrialized world (such as is done in the non-industrialized world on a daily basis to go to the bathroom) contributes to the widespread hip flexor dysfunction that leads to pelvic torsion. In this module we address this problem using several simple but extremely effective exercises to improve squatting competence.


Module 6: Core Toning and Strengthening

Lack of strength in the deep core muscles, especially the transversus abdominis, is another root cause of hip flexor overuse and the perpetuation of pelvic torsion. In this module we focus on several simple but highly effective exercises for toning and strengthening the deep core muscles.


Module 7: Back Line Toning and Strengthening

Often lost in the shuffle of strengthening exercises are the exercises for improving the tone and strength of the back line of the body. This includes the back muscles and the gluteus maximus. The exercises in this module activate and strengthen these muscles simply and directly.


Module 8: Application of Routines and 30-Day Schedule

One of the keys to correcting pelvic torsion in a lasting way is knowing how to apply these exercises. That means following the most beneficial sequence to maximize effectiveness and minimize strain, and also doing the exercises in the right frequency. Here the exercises are assembled into streamlined routines for the greatest efficiency possible.

Here’s what people are saying about the Postural Blueprint

Sherry I.

Washington, USA

Changed My Life

I want to thank you for creating the pelvic torsion program. It has changed my life. I have suffered from hip pain and sacroiliac pain for about 11 years. It got so bad in the last year that I had trouble sleeping. I’ve seen numerous physical therapists and chiropractors with the last one saying he thought I was imagining my pain.

I have been faithfully doing your program and I felt relief the first time I reset my hip rotation. It was immediate and I know now if it is out of place I can easily do the exercises and find instant relief. Thank you for giving me my life back! I no longer am desperate to find a new stretch or try a new doctor! Hooray!!

Bruce C.

Kayak Instructor

Pain Cycle Broken

I made all the usual rounds to specialists and practitioners and tried everything to remedy my pain. Now the pain cycle is broken! Stephen's careful and deliberate system has been perfect for me. Easy to learn + easy to do = sustainable results.

Ron H.

Minnesota. USA

Vast Improvements

Good morning Stephen! I’m starting my last week of the program and am feeling vast improvements!

So wonderful!

Responses to the first course in the Blueprint Series, the Stretching Blueprint...


Medical Examiner,

Vermont, USA

Feel so much better now

My whole right side has been very tight and I have the feeling of being bent like a banana at times. My issues have been lower back pain and lots of shoulder issues due to a bike accident. Also knee issues and pain during downhill biking.

I feel so much better now since completing the Stretching Blueprint. My knee pain has completely disappeared and my shoulder and back feel so much better.

What amazed me during the course was learning how the tightness can change from one day to another, and from one side to the other. I understand the functioning of my body much better now and I’m very aware why a certain problem occurs. 

The Stretching Blueprint has helped me get to know my body really well and to show how it’s all interconnected.


Health Economist


Significant reduction in stiffness and pain...

I really wish I had found Stephen and his knowledge about 5 years ago when I started having back problems.

I’d never known anything like the pains I was going through recently which had gotten progressively worse over the last few months. The stiffness and pain were in my right pelvis (anterior twisted), replaced hip, my right knee and through both legs.

I followed the Stretching Blueprint closely and the results were better than I ever imagined they could be! I found such a significant reduction in stiffness and pain that I was able to take a quite high-stamina and “balance-needing” dance class just the next weekend.

The plan is so well-explained and systematic, not to mention gentle. As Stephen reminds in the course - even though it can feel gentle, these stretches can have a powerful effect.




Stretches the right way

I sought out this program to deal with constant muscular tension and pain in my neck and shoulder that was becoming chronic (months).

I have taken plenty of gym classes and small group wellness classes, but the Stretching Blueprint program was really the first to show me how to do those stretches the right way.

The videos for how to perform the stretch were most helpful and also helped me identify the specific stretches that I should focus on.

I have really enjoyed incorporating the stretches into a personalized yoga-like routine with breathing, mindfulness and fluid movements, that I can do at home.

Highly recommended!

Bonus course

Now included for FREE when you enroll in the Postural Blueprint

Healing the Hidden Root of Pain

Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome

Healing the Hidden Root of Pain: Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome is a unique 4-phase system for treating the chronic muscular condition known as Iliopsoas Syndrome.

Iliopsoas Syndrome often arises when pelvic torsion is present and can cause both local referred pain that is difficult to diagnose if you don't know what you're looking for.

This course mirrors the progression utilized by the instructor, Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT, when working with his own clients to relieve Iliopsoas Syndrome.

By following the protocol laid out in this system, you have a coherent and effective strategy for relieving this problem yourself.



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Postural Blueprint For Correcting Pelvic Torsion

the complete guide to restoring pelvic balance





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Restore pelvic balance in the comfort of your home.

Learn the 6 essential building blocks for correcting pelvic torsion with this step-by-step guide.

I invite you to join me so I can help you to feel better now!

The Postural Blueprint for Correcting Pelvic Torsion has been many years in the making and I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you.

This is the 2nd course in my Blueprint Series which represents a synthesis of my work over 30 years of treating individuals suffering from chronic pain.