What if Stretching Exercises Could Relieve That Pain Your Doctor Can't Explain?

Now They CAN When You Follow

A Highly Individualized


Achieve LASTING pain relief when you build a highly individualized stretching plan - Your Stretching Blueprint - even if you've NEVER felt relief from stretching before!

If you struggle with mysterious pain and stubborn inflexibility -- and you worry that you might have to just live with it -- you're not alone...

Laura's story might sound familiar

Laura had felt aches and pains increasing over time, along with some reduced flexibility and a decrease in energy.

Then one day she woke up and her right hip was really painful.

Consulting her doctor

Worried it might be something serious, she went to her doctor but all the tests came back normal. "It's just part of the aging process," her doctor said.

A couple of strengthening exercises were recommended and Laura did them dutifully. But the exercises only worsened her hip pain. When her doctor said that painkillers or talking to a surgeon were the only other options available, Laura said, no thank you.

Searching the Internet

Determined to figure out her hip pain, Laura searched through what felt like a million YouTube videos. But the sheer volume of conflicting information triggered many questions.

Should she stretch her hip? Should she hold the stretch for 20 seconds or 40 seconds? Some said to hold it even longer, until the muscle released.

 Is it okay for the stretch to be painful? Or will that cause further damage? She'd heard somewhere that the pain had to get worse before it got better. Was that true?!

She finally decided on a hip stretching exercise but after a couple of days her hip was worse, not better. She kept doing the stretch but the 'getting better' part never arrived.

Was her doctor right?

As her hip got progressively worse, she was forced to compensate when she walked. Soon after, her OTHER hip began to bother her.

Over time, she lost motivation to exercise. It was just too painful. And now in addition to acute pain and decreased flexibility, she felt like she had no energy at all. No longer exercising, she began to put on weight.

Was her doctor right? she wondered. Am I just going to have to learn to live with it?

If this sounds familiar, it's because MANY experience circumstances just like this.

But the crucial point is that Laura's doctor was NOT right.

Not at all.

You do NOT have to just live with chronic pain.

You just need the right kind of help.

What you need is...

A coherent plan that sorts out the confusion and provides expert guidance.

A fresh approach based on leading edge science that's easy to follow and removes the guess work. 

A safe and gentle method laid out in a clear format that not only relieves pain but boosts energy and dramatically improves flexibility.

What you need is a Stretching Blueprint...

Stretching Blueprint

For Pain Relief and Better Flexibility

The Complete Guide to Active Isolated Stretching

The Stretching Blueprint for Pain Relief and Better Flexibility is a self-paced online course developed by Neuromuscular Therapist, bodywork instructor and health educator, Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT, who has been helping individuals achieve relief for chronic and recurrent musculoskeletal pain for over 30 years.

Much more than just a course to learn how to stretch effectively, the Stretching Blueprint for Pain Relief and Better Flexibility is a comprehensive and systematic guide for completely upgrading your self-care. That's accomplished using a flexibility self-assessment scoring system in combination with the powerful but easy-to-learn and extremely gentle stretching method, Active Isolated Stretching.

The final result is a highly personalized stretching plan -- Your Stretching Blueprint -- which addresses your particular needs, eliminates strain and provides a rock-solid foundation for lasting relief.

Big Picture Overview of the Course

When you enroll you gain full access to all modules and all lessons so you're in complete control of your pace taking the course. Some will prefer to move quickly through the course over several days. Others will prefer to take a week or longer. Either pace is completely fine as they both result in building a highly personalized stretching plan: Your Stretching Blueprint.

your blueprint foundation

The opening module of the course clears up confusion and common misconceptions about stretching, answering such questions as: Why does stretching often fail? What stretching method is most effective? How does mindset play a role in upgrading our self-care?

The module concludes with the presentation of 5 downloadable resources including 2 templates, 2 wall charts and a bonus e-book of that compiles all the step by step instructions for every stretch in the course.

a comprehensive library of stretching exercises

The central section of the course is comprised of 36 complete stretching exercise videos, clearly demonstrated and shot in high definition. Also included are high quality anatomy images for each muscle group being stretched along with written step by step instructions to support the video instruction.

This comprehensive collection of stretching exercises is used to learn Active Isolated Stretching and to gather crucial information for the Flexibility Diagnostic. It also serves as a permanent stretching reference library.

your stretching blueprint

The final section of the course guides you step by step in the creation of your personalized stretching plan: Your Stretching Blueprint.

The detailed information gathered in the Flexibility Diagnostic enables you to prioritize 'hidden' regions of tightness so that the root causes of strain are addressed rather than just symptoms.

This completely takes the guess work out of your stretching self-care and lays the foundation for lasting relief.

About Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT

Stephen O’Dwyer - Neuromuscular Therapist, bodywork instructor and health educator - has been helping individuals find significant and often permanent relief for chronic and recurring musculoskeletal pain since 1990.

After practicing in San Francisco for ten years, he returned to his college hometown, Burlington, Vermont to found Neuromuscular Therapy of Vermont, where he's practiced since 2000. In 2015, he opened a second office in Norwich, Vermont.

Stephen trained in a variety of therapy methods including Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Somatic Movement Education, Craniosacral Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching. He has spent many years developing an integrated methodology for pain relief.

He has served as an assistant instructor for the St. John Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars and as associate faculty at the Touchstone Healing Arts School of Massage in Burlington, Vermont. In addition, Stephen has taught advanced technique classes for massage therapists and other health practitioners interested in increasing their clinical skill in treating chronic pain.

He has been invited to speak about his work to the first-year medical students at the University of Vermont Medical School as part of their Complementary and Alternative Medicine curriculum, and regularly teaches a six-week course through The OSHER Institute at Dartmouth called Mindfulness Meditation: Establishing or Deepening a Daily Practice (spring and fall terms).

In 2020, due to the outbreak of COVID pandemic and the closure of his in-person private practice, Stephen created Relieving That Pain Online Courses, a learning platform dedicated to individuals suffering from chronic pain.

Here's what people are saying about Stephen's first course, Healing the Hidden Root of Pain

Bruce Clevenger

Kayak Instructor

Pain Cycle Broken...

I made all the usual rounds to specialists and practitioners and tried everything to remedy my pain. By sheer luck I landed on Stephen O'Dwyer's website and started his course, Healing the Hidden Root of Pain. Now the pain cycle is broken! Stephen's careful and deliberate system of stretches have been perfect for me. Easy to learn + easy to do = sustainable results.

Beverly McDowell

Farmer and Business Owner


We have benefited immensely from your program, Healing the Hidden Root of Pain. As a farmer and business owner and approaching 70, I am amazed how these exercises have me functioning again as though I was in my 50's.

Health Maven

Amazon Review

Absolutely Fantastic...

I've had hip, neck, shoulder pain for so long. This past year I've gone to massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc. The course is absolutely fantastic and has helped me more than everything else I've tried. Very simple stretches. Really Great! All to do with the psoas. I've tried other exercises and stretches for the psoas, but his really work!

Course Modules and Lessons

Stretching Blueprint for Pain Relief and Better Flexibility

Click on any Module to expand and view the Lessons

MODULE 1 - Getting Started: Your Blueprint Foundation and Resources

6 lessons

Your Blueprint Foundation

Your Blueprint Resources and Warm-Up

MODULE 2 - Stretching Foundation for the Legs

11 lessons

Quadriceps and Iliotibial Band

Inner Thigh - Adductors

Lower Leg - Calf and Achilles Tendon

MODULE 3 - Stretching Foundation for the Hips, Lower Back, Spine and Abdominals

9 lessons

Gluteals and Deep Hip Rotators

Hip Flexors and Abdominals

Lower Back and Spine

MODULE 4 - Stretching Foundation for the Torso, Chest, Shoulders, Arms and Hands

10 lessons

Chest and Upper Arms

Lower Arms, Hands and Thumbs

MODULE 5 - Stretching Foundation for the Neck

6 lessons

Posterior Neck

Side and Anterior Neck

MODULE 6 - Creating Your Stretching Blueprint

4 lessons

MODULE 7 - Your Bonus Content - Supplemental Routines

3 lessons

Let's Do This

How Much Time And Money Have You Spent Already?

How many hours have you spent trying chase down relief for aches and pains and various  problems? If you pay out-of-pocket for treatment, it can add up...

6 sessions of physical therapy: $450

6 sessions of acupuncture: $450

6 sessions of massage therapy: $450

Before you know it you've spent over $1200

Instead, why not upgrade your self-care at home?

Stretching Blueprint for Pain Relief and Better Flexibility

the complete guide to active isolated Stretching



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 3 Bonus Routines
  • 36 Video Stretching Library
  • 5 Downloadable Resources
money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't find this course helpful, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

What have you got to lose but aches and pains and inflexibility?

Frequently asked questions

How is pain relief achieved by taking this course?

The methods in this course are able to produce significant pain relief because:

1) Active Isolated Stretching - the guiding stretching method taught in this course - is significantly more effective than standard stretching at improving flexibility without strain. The faster we restore flexibility, the faster we experience relief.

2) The course's self-assessment tool, the Flexibility Diagnostic, exposes 'hidden' tightness in the body which is often responsible for strain patterns. This vital information allows the creation of a highly targeted stretching plan that prioritizes root causes as opposed to just symptoms. Addressing root causes produces much faster and much more lasting relief.

How is energy boosted by taking this course?

Inflexibility and energy drain go hand in hand. The body has to work much harder, has to generate much more effort for every movement, when muscles are stuck, tight, short, and constricted. One of the numerous benefits of improving flexibility - accomplished more easily with Active Isolated Stretching than any other method - is a significant boost in energy. 

Why is Active Isolated Stretching so effective?

Active Isolated Stretching does not provoke the protective stretch reflex, a phenomenon triggered by standard static stretching. When triggered, the protective stretch reflex interferes with muscle lengthening and can also result in strain. Instead of holding a stretch for an extended period of time (which can aggravate an overworked muscle) Active Isolated Stretching uses a repeated 2-second stretch. This is not only a much gentler approach, but also allows for much faster progress.

What about yoga? How does yoga fit in?

Yoga is a powerful and highly recommended practice that can provide many profound benefits. But for some, yoga can be too strenuous in the early stages of trying to improve flexibility. Too often individuals are caught comparing themselves to others in a yoga class that is too advanced. This can result in strain and discouragement. For many it will be best to improve baseline flexibility first and then progress to yoga practice.

Is poor flexibility the primary cause of pain?

For many, poor flexibility is a significant contributing factor causing persistent aches and pains. For some, it is the primary cause. For virtually everyone, improving flexibility will not only lift numerous aches and pains but will boost energy, calm the nervous system and increase the quality of life.

What if I have zero discipline? Can this still help me?

Because so many of us struggle with staying on track with a regular routine of exercise or stretching, this course was specifically designed to respond to that reality. The course guides you step by step through the creation of a highly personalized stretching plan that's laid out clearly and is super-easy to follow. No more having to come up with what you're supposed to do by yourself! Just follow the guidance of the course and you'll find that it's easier than you think to stay with a regular routine!

Relieve Pain. Boost Energy. Improve Flexibility.

Let's get started so you can feel better now!

This Course is Delivered on a New and Innovative Learning Platform

Relieving That Pain Online Courses is a learning platform dedicated to detailed instruction and actionable tools of self-care for individuals seeking help with pain for which the diagnosis has been vague or inconclusive.

Drawing on 30 years of clinical practice helping thousands of individuals gain relief for chronic pain, the platform's founder, Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT, has developed a complete methodology for identifying and resolving mysterious and stubborn pain symptoms.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Stephen turned his full attention to the development of online course work in order to bring his innovative pain relief methods to a much wider audience.

Stretching Blueprint for Pain Relief and Better Flexibility

the complete guide to Active isolated stretching



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 3 Bonus Routines
  • 36 Video Stretching Library
  • 5 Downloadable Resources

I invite you to join me so I can help you to feel better now!

I'm excited to be able to offer the first course in my Blueprint Series. This series represents a synthesis of my work over 30 years treating individuals suffering from chronic pain. I sincerely hope you will be among those I'm now able to reach with these courses, and most importantly that you'll benefit from the work I've devoted my life to. Wishing you well!