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Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome

The only program available anywhere specifically designed to relieve the unexplained pain and symptoms caused by Iliopsoas Syndrome.

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If you experience pain that has no clear explanation, it may be because the cause is hidden from view...

The most distressing thing I hear from patients experiencing "unexplained" pain is not what they say about their symptoms, but too often what they tell me their doctor said.

When an X-ray or MRI or CAT scan comes back normal and no clear diagnosis can be made, my clients too often report feeling kind of dismissed, as if the pain is all in their head.

But if pain is being caused by something outside a doctor's training, it makes sense they can't diagnosis it, right?

Despite great advances in medicine in the last hundred years, medical school training in the musculoskeletal system is still very lacking.

But it is in the musculoskeletal system where we find answers to numerous problems, including a high percentage of cases of "unexplained" pain.

Such is the case with a very pervasive yet not 

well understood problem involving the primary hip flexors -- the iliopsoas muscle.

Dysfunction in this muscle can cause a condition called Iliopsoas Syndrome which can be responsible for a bewildering array of symptoms.

Because Iliopsoas Syndrome can't be detected by an X-ray, MRI or CAT scan, this syndrome remains "hidden" from view. Unless you know what to look for.

I'm Stephen O'Dwyer -- Neuromuscular Therapist, bodywork instructor and health educator -- and for 30 years my entire focus has been treating, researching and teaching about musculoskeletal pain.

Because a high percentage of my patients suffer from Iliopsoas Syndrome, I developed a very specific methodology to address this problem.

This methodology has been so successful in bringing relief for my patients that I created a complete self-treatment program which is now available to the public...

Healing the Hidden Root of Pain

Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome

Healing the Hidden Root of Pain: Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome is a unique 4-phase system for treating the chronic muscular condition known as Iliopsoas Syndrome. This system mirrors the progression utilized by the instructor, Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT, when working with his own clients to relieve Iliopsoas Syndrome. By following the protocol laid out in this system, you have a coherent and effective strategy for relieving this problem yourself.

Unconditional 30-day refund guarantee for all courses

This course utilizes a proprietary 4-phase system specifically designed to relieve Iliopsoas Syndrome

Phase 1 - calm

In PHASE 1 we prepare the iliopsoas by calming the muscle utilizing very specific self-massage techniques. This readies the muscle for the movement and activation to follow.


In PHASE 2 we reawaken the iliopsoas, lower back and pelvis with diaphragmatic breathing and gentle Somatic Movement.


In PHASE 3 we restore length and flexibility to the iliopsoas and its synergists using the Active Isolated Stretching.

PHASE 4 - activate

In PHASE 4 we activate both the core muscles and also the antagonists of the iliopsoas in order to take full advantage of reciprocal inhibition.

About Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT

As a Neuromuscular Therapist and pain relief researcher, Stephen has been helping individuals achieve significant and often permanent relief for chronic and recurring musculoskeletal pain since 1990.

Trained in numerous therapeutic modalities for relieving pain -- including Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Somatic Movement Education and Active Isolated Stretching -- he has spent three decades developing an integrated methodology for pain relief.

In 2004, he created Lower Back Pain Answers, an information website about lower back pain causes and remedies, and for many years he has been invited to speak to the first-year medical students at the University of Vermont Medical School as part of their Complementary and Alternative Medicine curriculum.

In 2020, due to the outbreak of COVID pandemic, Stephen created Relieving That Pain Online Courses, a learning platform dedicated to individuals suffering from chronic pain.

What customers are saying...

Beverly McDowell

Centerville, IN

Farmer and Business Ownder


We have benefited immensely from Healing the Hidden Root of Pain. As a farmer and business owner and approaching 70, I am amazed how these exercises have me functioning again as though I was in my 50's.

Bruce Clevenger

Jackson, MI

Kayak Instructor

Pain Cycle Broken...

I made all the usual rounds to specialists and practitioners and tried everything to remedy my pain. By sheer luck I landed on Stephen O'Dwyer's website and ordered his 2-Disc DVD set, Healing the Hidden Root of Pain. Now the pain cycle is broken! Stephen's careful and deliberate system of stretches have been perfect for me. Easy to learn + easy to do = sustainable results.

Health Maven

Amazon Review


Absolutely Fantastic...

I've had hip, neck, shoulder pain for so long. This past year I've gone to massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc. Healing the Hidden Root of Pain is absolutely fantastic and has helped me more than everything else I've tried. Very simple stretches. Really Great! All to do with the psoas. I've tried other exercises and stretches for the psoas, but his really work!

The 4 Phases of Relief


PHASE 1: Self-Massage for the Iliopsoas

We begin with self-massage for the iliopsoas for several reasons. First and foremost, we want to calm the muscle down, reducing whatever spasm might exist. When overworked, muscles can become ischemic (reduced blood flow) and can also develop myofascial trigger points resulting in referred pain. 

Referred pain can explain numerous mysterious symptoms and direct manual treatment is an effective strategy to begin to lift them. Very few therapists know how to properly treat the iliopsoas. In this phase, you learn the exact step-by-step method I use to treat patients.


PHASE 2: Diaphragmatic Breathing and Somatic Movement

Proper diaphragmatic breathing is one to the most overlooked tools we have to improve blood flow to the iliopsoas muscle, a critical step in relieving the pain caused by dysfunction in this muscle.

Somatic Movement is a slow and gentle type of mobilization that encourages focus on the internal sensation of the movement. When muscles become locked or when they go into spasm we can lose our ability to relax these muscles. Somatic Movement aims to reawaken this muscular control.


PHASE 3: Active Isolated Stretching

In this phase we restore length and flexibility to the iliopsoas and its synergists using the easy to do but powerfully effective method of Active Isolated Stretching. This method takes the place of static stretching in which we hold stretches for an extended period of time. By substituting a repeated 2-second stretch for a static hold, Active Isolated Stretching does not trigger the protective stretch reflex, a phenomenon in which a muscle braces against the stretch.

This method of stretching is not only easy to do but also more enjoyable because it replaces the struggle often associated with stretching. Instead of holding a stretch for twenty seconds or thirty seconds or longer, we perform a set number of repetitions which allows for a gradual lengthening of muscle tissue without causing strain.


PHASE 4: Toning and Strengthening

We conclude with toning and strengthening of the core muscles and also the antagonists of the iliopsoas which often become weak as a consequence of Iliopsoas Syndrome. By gently activating core and antagonist muscles, we take advantage of a phenomenon called reciprocal inhibition.

For example, when the antagonist of the iliopsoas, the gluteus maximus, has proper tone and strength, the iliopsoas cannot easily clamp down and become tight again. Proper toning and strengthening is essential in order to restore reciprocal muscular balance and achieve lasting pain relief.

Unconditional 30-day refund guarantee for all courses

Healing the Hidden Root of Pain

Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome



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How do I know if i have iliopsoas syndrome?

The only sure way is to treat the iliopsoas and then see if symptoms resolve. That's why there's a 30-day money back guarantee. During this time, the efficacy of the program can be tested. 

what if I have a hip replacement? can I still do this program?

There are  certain movements which are contraindicated with a hip replacement including hip flexion beyond 90° and the knee moving past the midline of the body. Neither of these movements are included in this program but it's always highly recommended to check with your physician or surgeon to confirm permitted movements.

How long does the program take to complete? 

One cycle of this program can be completed in four days when performing one phase per day, as recommended when first doing the program. But to see the greatest benefits it's highly recommended to perform several cycles and then to incorporate the most beneficial movements into your daily regime. 

How to best use this program in conjunction with the stretching blueprint? 

The Stretching Blueprint replaces of PHASE 3 in this program. So PHASES 1, 2 and 4 can be used in conjunction with Your Stretching Blueprint. 

Relieve Iliopsoas Syndrome in the comfort of your own home.

Using this gentle, easy-to-do 4-phase system.

Healing the Hidden Root of Pain

Self-Treatment for Iliopsoas Syndrome



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules


I invite you to join me so I can help you to feel better now!

I'm proud to be able to offer this course to you. To date, it stands alone as the only course available anywhere that addresses Iliopsoas Syndrome. I sincerely hope you will be among those I'm able to reach with the courses on this platform, and most importantly that you benefit from the work I've devoted my life to. Wishing you well!