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Relieve the pain and symptom of pelvic torsion with this step-by-step course. The Postural Blueprint for Correcting Pelvic Torsion utilizes six distinct exercise groups, each of which plays a crucial role in resolving this problem long-term. This course is the only guide of its kind available anywhere for addressing this pervasive but not well-understood issue.

Lack of overall flexibility is a deeply under appreciated source of pain and strain in the body. The Stretching Blueprint is a complete guide to achieving supple, pain-free muscles, vastly improved flexibility and revitalized energy using the powerful exercise method, Active Isolated Stretching.

Dysfunction of the primary hip flexors is commonly referred to as Iliopsoas Syndrome, a condition that can cause abdominal, pelvic, low back, hip and leg pain. Healing the Hidden Root of Pain uses a 4-phase system specifically designed to relieve the pain and symptoms of this problem.

Just 5 lessons in length, this mini course offers a short protocol for relieving lower back pain using Active Isolated Stretching. It targets three often overlooked muscles that, when tight and inflexible, can cause strain in the back.

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