Lesson 1 – The Problem with Static Stretching and the Mindset of No Pain, No Gain

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

We begin the Stretching Blueprint by taking a close look at the stretching method most of us have used throughout our lives -- Static Stretching -- and investigating the reasons this method, along with the dominant mindset of No Pain, No Gain, has not served us very well.

This sets the stage for us to upgrade, not only how we stretch, but how we approach our self-care more broadly.


• Inflexibility left unchecked can lead to significant pain and problems in the body.

• Most of us have learned that static stretching is the "correct" way to stretch but there are significant problems with this method.

• Static stretching can trigger a natural reflex in the body called the protective stretch reflex which resists the effort to lengthen the muscle.

• We commonly react to the resistance created by the protective stretch reflex by stretching even harder and longer with a mindset of no pain, no gain.

• Stretching harder and longer, as guided by the no pain, no gain mindset, triggers an equally strong counter-response in the protective stretch reflex.

• The result is an internal wrestling match within the body and the Treadmill of Re-Aggravation.

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