Online Consultations and Coaching

with Stephen O'Dwyer, CNMT

Individualized consultations and coaching are available for individuals who have taken one or more of Stephen’s online courses. These are done via Zoom video conferencing.

The consultations provided through this service are offered as an educational tool to aid in achieving maximum benefit from the coursework offered by Stephen O'Dwyer. Stephen is not a medical doctor. Consultations are not intended to be -- and should not be perceived as -- medical advice. Please refer medical questions to your primary care physician or other medical specialist.

How it works

Consultations and coaching are reserved for those who have taken (or are currently taking) one or more of Stephen's courses.

This precondition exists in order to create a context for the call and to avoid topics more appropriately suited to a primary care physician.

(For general inquiries unrelated to consultations, please use the CONTACT FORM.)